Christopher Cook, CFP®

Partner & Financial Planner

With over 15 years dedicated to the financial planning and wealth management profession, Chris has honed his expertise in guiding clients through the complex aspects of wealth management. Prior to his current role, he served as a Vice President at his previous firm, aiding clients in areas ranging from investment management to tax and estate planning. It was during this time that he recognized genuine financial planning transcends mere investments—it's deeply rooted in understanding what resonates most with clients. As a proud graduate of Xavier University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics, Chris's academic background further cements his competence in his field. Now, at McCarley & Cook, he zeroes in on retirement planning, guiding individuals and families towards realizing their most cherished life aspirations with the resources they have.

On the personal side, Chris, and his wife Shelly, reside in Hyde Park Cincinnati sharing their home with their spirited Australian Shepherd, Westen. United in their passion for the ocean, they often embark on scuba diving or sailing adventures around the world. Christopher plays an active role in the local scuba diving community, mentoring other divers and supporting coral restoration initiatives in the Florida Keys.

Guided by a philosophy that centers on individual values, he's inspired by the words of Carl Richards: "The best financial plan has nothing to do with what the markets are doing... It has everything to do with what's most important to you."